Faith in God :)


Cool ! Today I am gonna talk about the faith in God. This is not the topic about God exists or not. Those who believe in God’s existence, they are very welcomed to read my blog and those who don’t, they are also very welcomed to read and criticise my words. lol 🙂

Today I watched a beautiful movie named “Miracles from Heaven” and what I realised that we are trapped in our daily life and don’t have a single minute to remember the God. We have forgotten to thank our God that he gave us a beautiful life to live. He blessed us with some supreme qualities which make us HUMAN and abstract from other lives. In everyday’s life, he wants to tell us that yes he is with us in any situation. But we have not been noticing. Don’t worry. Either you remember him or not, he is with you. He isn’t gonna leave you alone. 🙂

Personally, I had been gone through a hard time in my life. And whenever I used to pray God, it enlightened my inner soul. It gave me the power of faith and made me stronger against my problems.  I never lose my hope. Faith in God truly feeds your hope. Today I believe that there is a spiritual religious part inside everyone. Some are lucky to recognise it very early and they can tell you some miracles of God. And those who are still untouched from this part, God have decided the right time for them too. A wonder will happen one day and they will also believe in faith. Here wonder doesn’t refer to a magic or something unnatural thing. Faith lies in small but priceless human values like help, forgiveness, hard work, love, trust, patience, truth, positive hope, motivation, peace.

I am not saying that you should follow my words from today onwards. It is up to you when you start doing those prays to God. Material life is just a phantasm which distracts your soul from the faith. God decided to test our values whether we can stand for them or not and he created this phantasm. Unfortunately, we trapped in this. Material life is optional, it is not necessary. It pushes you into the darkness of the life. You will face problem on this path. There is a continuity of the problems in this. On the other hand, a faithful life is more focused and easygoing. It delivers more peace and strength into your life.