Gender Aspect : men are from Mars, women are from Venus


Although almost everyone would agree that men and women are different, how different is still undefined for most people. To improve relations between the sexes it is necessary to create an understanding of our differences that raises self-esteem and personal dignity while inspiring mutual trust, personal responsibility, increased cooperation, and greater love. As you explore these differences you will feel walls of resentment and mistrust melting down.

So many people are frustrated in their relationships. They love their partners, but when there is tension they do not know what to do to make things better. Though understanding how completely different men and women are, you will learn new ways for successfully relating with, listening to, and supporting the opposite sex. This expanded understanding of our differences helps resolve much of the frustration in dealing with and trying to understand the opposite sex. When you remember that your partner is as different from you as someone from another planet, you can relax and cooperate with the differences instead of resisting or trying to change them.

Chapter 1

Without the awareness that we are supposed to be different, men and women are at odds with each other. We usually become angry or frustrated with the opposite sex because we have forgotten the truth of differences. We expect the opposite sex to more like ourselves. We desire them to “want what we want” and “feel the way we feel.”


We mistakenly assume that if our partners love us they will react and behave in certain ways-the ways we react and behave when we love someone. This attitude sets up to be disappointed again and again and prevents us from taking the necessary time to communicate lovingly about our differences. Clearly recognizing and respecting these differences dramatically reduce confusion when dealing with the opposite sex.

Falling in love is always magical It feels eternal, as if love will last forever. But as the magic recedes and daily life take over, it emerges that men continue to expect women to think and react like men, and women expect men to feel and behave like women. Without a clear awareness of our differences, we don’t take the time to understand and respect each other. We become demanding, resentful, judgmental, and intolerant.

With the best and most loving intentions love continues to die. Somehow the problems creep in. The resentments build. Communication breaks down. Mistrust increases. Rejection and repression result. The magic of love is lost.


Through understanding the hidden differences of the opposite sex, we can more successfully give and receive the love that is in our hearts. By validating and accepting our differences, creative solutions can be discovered whereby we can succeed in getting what we want.

When men and women are able to respect and accept their differences the love has a chance to blossom. Love is magical, and it can last, if we remember our differences.



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