Woman: an agent of Compassion & Love



This topic is a secret in itself. Some researches and persnol experience tried to give the information about the nature of a woman. Yet, the information is not enough to tell and describe about the woman culture. Actually the truth is that nobody Is able to give exact information about any individual behaviour.

Well let me try whether my personal views and studies can tell a little bit about this beautiful human race. Yes, as I mentioned “beautifull” word in my previous sentence I believe a woman is the most beautiful and priceless gift to the man. She is blessed with some unique qualluties and features. Women have a bunch of different behaviour, they shape their behaviour according to the network around them, around their mind or the world that revolves around them, they act in a different way everywhere, they define a different relationship with different kinda people’s. She is full of love and care. Women are more dedicated and devoted to their duties and have much patience and politeness than man by nature.

“Woman is the builder and moulder of a nation’s destiny, though delicate and soft as lily, she has a heart, stronger and bolder than that of a man, she is the supreme inspiration for man’s onward march”

                                                                                                      – Ravindra Nath Tagore

Women are more likely to recall memories that have emotional significance. In your life, you know sporty women, geeky women, fun-loving women, artistic women, ambitious women, and more. Each woman has her own personality and goals. Let her decide how much she feels comfortable sharing with you.


Today world is going after freedom. Every individual is struggling to find his own answers.Here freedom refers all kind of freedom. Freedom in social, natural, ideological, religion, sexual etc. boundaries. It has been proven that every animate or inanimate in this universe wants to prove its existence. Every action of them happens in that direction. Present days most of the people have been stuck in this trap. So it is also the human rights of woman to explore and decide their own things as well as man.

Let them live and spread love. We all need them.



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