Questions ?

what is Sex ? Is it a fascinating subject with strong feelings and imagination ? or is it only a strong, localized, physical pleasure component ? There are a thousand questions in our unconscious mind about sex. There is also a not defined question which is “is sex a part of love or is it included in love?” Some intellectuals define this question “the difference between sex and love is that sex relieves those feelings which are generated in love.” But then what about those people who are strongly addicted to sex and looking for it all the time, no matter where they are or what they are doing. Sex is always on their mind.  Intellectuals from every field tried to define it but the answer is not satisfactory. Sex is always a mysterious question from ancient times. A lot of research has been done from then till now. But the question remains unsolved.

Answers 🙂

Sex is freedom. The freedom from the darkness of heart and soul. Whenever these sexual desires arise, a person starts thinking to come out from this darkness. Sex always wants to find those wings which can fly so high until it gets satisfaction. Satisfaction of freedom. A society constructs its custom, laws, institutions, and values on the basis of  the differences. They bound the sex in this construction and every individual trash to get out from this asap. The beauty of sex lies in its degree of shine. Sex is the most beautiful natural feeling as well as most dangerous too. It is crazy sometimes and sometimes you will find it peaceful. Let it happen in its beautiful way. Don’t stop it. Forced sexual desires are against its beauty. Yes, it will give an individual satisfaction but also it will ruin its beautiful approach. If you allow to add LOVE in this, it will become the rainbow of your desires. Sex is beyond your mentally and physically pleasure.


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